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Create winning content and save time while doing it when you know the topics you need to write about in your blog, social media posts and other marketing content. 

Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI
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Your content engine designed for growth

Content fuels your website traffic, generates leads and closes deals. But you don’t have time for the crazy amount of work it takes to consistently research the content your audience really wants. That’s why we made Cobomba -you deserve to be confident in the content you create and spend less time doing it.

Be a know-it-all with Cobomba

A content intelligence engine that does the research so you don’t have to. Cobomba shows you the website content your audience wants to see wherever they are in the buyer journey.

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Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI
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Work smarter, not harder

Spend more time executing your marketing strategy and less time on content research. Cobomba automagically crawls your site, scores your content, and gives you recommended content briefs. You create the content your audience is searching for at each step in the buyer journey.

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Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI

Deliver content with confidence

Say goodbye to making decisions with your gut. It’s time to make confident decisions, faster. Cobomba gives you recommendations that are guaranteed to increase the relevance, discoverability, and performance of your content.

  • Easily identify gaps in your existing content inventory
  • Automatically get detailed content briefs delivered to your calendar each month
  • Ensure your content addresses the content topics your audience is searching and the questions they ask at each stage of the buyer journey
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Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI
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Elevate the performance of your content

The days of juggling messy spreadsheets and wrangling Google Analytics page by page are long gone. Show improving traffic, engagement and conversion metrics with content that is relevant to your customer throughout the buyer journey.

  • See your performance data by content theme, customer journey stage, and traffic source
  • Understand your content gaps and know your next moves will close them
  • Demonstrate your leadership by reporting marketing activities that tie to business goals
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