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Plan high-quality marketing content with the power of AI

We’re here to help. Our AI marketing planning platform is designed to help content marketers plan content that works.

Afraid your content isn't performing?

Tired of guessing when it comes to content topics?
Going with your gut when choosing content formats and distribution channels?
Managing content plans in a spreadsheet?
Juggling too many tools to plan effective content with speed?
Unable to show content marketing is growing the business?
Lack of alignment on marketing strategy and messaging?
AI-driven content recommendations

Create a marketing engine designed for growth

Let AI do the hard work for you.

Stop spending countless hours researching content topics that may or may not work. Cobomba combines content intelligence with a smart planning workflow so you can quickly plan content driven by customer data and AI.

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no more GUESSWOrk

Build content plans that achieve growth goals

Save time
Expedite the content planning process with a templated workflow, research that’s done for you, and calendars that are easy to filter and share.
Grow sales
Convert prospects into customers by engaging your audience at each stage of the customer journey with AI-driven content recommendations.
Show content works
Show that content marketing contributes to business growth by aligning the organization around your business goals, target audience, and content plans.

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We don't just care about content - we care about you

 Your audience wants awesome content, and we want to help you plan that content so you can show the world - or at the very least your boss - the amazing, awesome, and incredibly magnificent marketer that you are. Cobomba brings together your business objectives, target audience, and content plans into a single AI-driven platform so you can easily show that content marketing is growing the business.

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The most effective content plans are built with Cobomba