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Guarantee the value of your content

Cobomba helps marketers optimize the value of current and future content with automated content audits, data-driven content recommendations, and streamlined content planning.

Need more from your content?

Wondering how to best revitalize old content?
Going with your gut when choosing content formats and distribution channels?
Managing content plans in a spreadsheet?
Juggling too many tools to plan effective content with speed?
Unable to show content marketing is growing the business?
Lack of alignment on marketing strategy and messaging?

Take your content performance to the next level

Cobomba automagically crawls your website, suggests content pillars based on your audience's search intent, and then scores those pillars based on relevance, discoverability, and performance.

The best part? Templated reports continuously track your progress so you can adjust your strategy when necessary.

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Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI

Create a marketing engine designed for growth

Take the guesswork out of content planning and let us do the research for you. Cobomba gives you data-driven recommendations to help you make important content strategy decisions and improve traffic, engagement and conversion metrics. 

Get recomMendations for:
  • Topics
  • Formats
  • Distribution channels
  • Journey stage coverage
  • Length, readability, and more

Bye-bye spreadsheets

Add more hours to your day and accelerate your marketing workflow by streamlining the content planning process into a single location complete with interactive, smart templates and a dynamic, shareable calendar. Let’s just say you can kiss spreadsheets and shared files goodbye.

How it works

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Get AI-driven content recommendations and build as many content plans as your heart desires.
Celebrate your success

Kickoff a Bomba dance party when you're inbound marketing results speaks for themselves.

Remember why you fell in love with inbound marketing?

Content strategy keeps getting better with the Cobomba