Intelligent Content Marketing: What to expect

The Cobomba Buyer's Guide


Will Cobomba really help my organization generate more revenue with content marketing?

We get it. You only have time for solutions focusing on the right priorities and workflow for your business. We are not the best fit for every organization.

This guide makes it easy to see

  • If Cobomba's recommendations will be valuable for your team
  • If they will be delivered in a way that matches your workflow

Read it straight through or skip around the chapters. You can even download a copy of the entire guide to save for later or share with others.

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CHAPTER 1: Is intelligent content from Cobomba a good fit for you?

Who is likely to benefit the most from intelligent content recommendations from Cobomba? Is that you?

This chapter will walk you through questions you can ask about your business and content strategy that will help you understand if Cobomba can help you grow your business.

CHAPTER 2: Marketing content made simple

Wouldn't it be nice if everything about your marketing content workflow became easier?

We believe that marketers are critical leaders in their organizations as they bridge the gap between the business and the customer. It takes a ton of work to do that well. Cobomba's analytics, content workflow, and coaching should make your life easier in at least three ways: less time spent on content research and brief writing, improved results with your marketing content, and greater influence in your organization as you share your strategy and results.

CHAPTER 3: Achieving your marketing goals with intelligent content

Is Cobomba aligned with my organizational and personal goals?

If we're doing things right, you should be confident that you are creating the right marketing content for your business. You should also be confident that your marketing content is getting better over time. Specifically, you should see your marketing content become more relevant, discoverable, and valuable for your target audience.

CHAPTER 4: What to expect as a Cobomba customer

What is it actually like to work with Cobomba?

This chapter breaks down what you receive with a Cobomba subscription, what happens each month, how you will interact with the Cobomba team, and your role in achieving your desired results.

CHAPTER 5: Demo–How do intelligent content recommendations from Cobomba work

Wondering how Cobomba starts with your current website content and generates new content recommendations?

Cobomba uses your current website content and Google search results to identify a number of audience themes important to your audience. See an example of how you receive detailed content brief recommendations that align with your content marketing strategy. These recommendations will help you systematically improve the relevance, discoverability, and value of your content.

CHAPTER 6: Cobomba pricing

What does it really cost to get started with Cobomba and then see results?

Dive into the details of the Strategist plan including options for monthly or annual subscriptions. We'll also help you think through outside costs that you should consider as you build your content marketing muscle.

CHAPTER 7: Success stories

Curious about others that found success with Cobomba?

This chapter includes 2 customer stories from the cybersecurity and personal trainer industries. You'll see the challenge each organization faced, and how they improved their content marketing results with help from Cobomba's recommendations.

CHAPTER 8: Frequently asked questions

What haven't we answered for you?

Here are answers to frequently asked questions around Results, the Platform, and Pricing and Subscriptions

Do I need to tackle this whole guide?

You probably won't need to tackle the guide cover to cover. If you do, and you're still stumped, that's on us. Please set up a time to talk so we can answer your questions directly.

Thanks for joining us here! Grab your preferred beverage, and let's jump into Chapter 1: Is intelligent content from Cobomba a good fit for you?