Cobomba marketing PLATFORM

Grow with a winning content strategy

Cobomba uses AI to help marketers plan and grow with content marketing


Bye-bye spreadsheets

Add more hours to your day and accelerate your marketing workflow by streamlining the content planning process into a single location complete with interactive, smart templates and a dynamic, shareable calendar. Let’s just say you can kiss spreadsheets and shared files goodbye.

  • Save time with content planning in a single location
  • Be an expert at content planning with a templated workflow
  • Communicate content plans with calendars that are easy to filter and share
Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI

Plan effective content with AI

Take the guesswork out of content planning and let us do the research for you. Cobomba’s data-driven recommendations identify what topics to write about, what type of content to create, and how to distribute that content to your audience.

  • Get AI-driven content topic recommendations based on what your audience is searching for
  • Increase engagement with customized content plans for your target audience
  • Efficiently move customers through the funnel by building content for each stage of the customer journey

Show your team how content marketing works

Cobomba combines content intelligence and a smart planning process to ensure you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

  • Tie content plans to a clear business objective
  • Align the organization around your target audience with a Persona Library
  • Easily spot gaps in your content strategy with a complete customer journey view

The price is right

Software that is amazing and affordable? You betcha! Start using Cobomba for just $34 per user.

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