Think you're sitting on an untapped goldmine of existing content?

We think so too.

The Cobomba Crawler™ gives you the insights you need to optimize your content.


Unlock the value of your content

With the cobomba crawler™ you get:
  • Monthly automated content audit
  • Curated set of context specific recommendations for your content
  • Performance tracking
  • Access to the Cobomba Calendar where you can document activities and create a content strategy in a snap
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Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI

Optimize content to achieve growth goals

In the early days of your march to a content bonanza? We know the feeling, and we’re here to help. The Cobomba Crawler™ will give you the insights you need to help you fully optimize your content.

What's Included?
  • An evaluation of the content on your website domain or a specified subfolder or subdomain
  • Identification of your top content pillars based on what you're write about and what people are searching for
  • Organization of content pillars and journey stages
  • Scores for your content according to journey stage coverage, discoverability relative to competitors, and many more metrics
Score your content for free

Deliver content that is relevant, discoverable, and valuable to your audience

Align your content to the most important pillars and journey stages by identifying topic gaps in your existing inventory based on your audience’s search intent.
Choose the right topics, formats, journey stages, distribution channels, and more based on data so you increase the frequency that your audience finds your content.
Be confident your content is making a difference for your audience by visualizing how they visit your site, engage with your brand, and convert into customers.

Much more than your average content calendar

The Cobomba Calendar™ combines content intelligence and a smart planning process to ensure you demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and keep your team on track.

  • Save time by planning content in a single location
  • Tie content plans to a clear business objective
  • Document your content strategy in 3 easy steps
  • Share detailed content briefs based on recommendations
  • Align the organization around your content calendar
  • Easily spot gaps in your content strategy with a complete customer journey view
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