You believe content drives every positive marketing outcome?

We agree.

Grow leads, conversion, retention and advocacy when you know the content to create with Cobomba.

Marketers celebrating based on the successful results of their content marketing

"We have benefited most from the time saved in coming up with new content and understanding where content gaps need filling."
Software CEO

Illustration showing available themes related to a marketer's content and audience searches
audience themes

Start with your content strategy
– not with a keyword

Cobomba reads search data AND your content so you can decide where to go based on the big picture. 

  • You pick the audience themes you want to own and you see the content gaps you must fill to get there
  • Cobomba automagically catalogs your content every month
  • Thousands of search results combine to form a mini version of the internet personalized for your business
Score your content for free
Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI
intelligent content

Go from content gap to content calendar in a snap

Save time and and stop guessing when Cobomba guides the content to create next for your website

  • Receive 5 curated content briefs monthly - AI tested and human improved
  • Create your own smart briefs in a few mouse clicks
  • Organize content campaigns by marketing initiative–business objective, target persona, brief, and calendar all in one place
Read the Cobomba Buyer's Guide

"We’ve really seen traffic grow for the new Buyer’s Guide recommended by Cobomba. We see significant traffic coming to that page from both organic and paid search."
Cybersecurity VP of Marketing

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content measurement

Deliver valuable content to your audience

Cobomba tracks your goal to own each step of the customer journey with your content

See how well your current content covers each search topic within an audience theme. See which audience questions you already answer and which ones you don’t.
See your biggest content competitors theme by theme and know your content market share, see your most and least discoverable pages, and see the search topics worth chasing because they lie on the friendly frontier balancing topic importance and topic competition.
See traffic and engagement–not page by page–but by journey stage and audience theme. Be confident your content is making a difference for your audience by seeing how they visit your site, engage with your brand, and convert into customers.

Make better content, faster.

Content strategy is better when you dance the Cobomba

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