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Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI
CEO & CO-Founder

Optimize content to achieve growth goals

Bart walks around dreaming up the next way he can help leaders at companies make better decisions. Pretty geeky. He applies his unique background, a blend of design, marketing, and engineering, to help marketers create, communicate, and deliver value to their customers. He’s advised company boards, C-suite leaders, sales, marketing, and product teams on their growth strategy across a wide range of industries.

Bart feels successful when he combines empathy, enthusiasm, and analytical thinking to inspire others with the hope, excitement, and vision to make better decisions for themselves and the people they serve. He’s passionate about using data to put customers’ needs at the center of strategic decision making, and he believes every marketer should be seen as the rockstar leader they are within their organizations.

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Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI
Director of Marketing & Co-founder

Alex Davis

Alex loves all things marketing. With 10 years in the B2B tech space, she has worn many hats and has diverse experience in inbound and content marketing, brand management, event planning, customer experience, and organizational culture and employee engagement.  

Alex has a passion for problem-solving and helping others. That said, creating awesome tech product sand delivering unparalleled customer experiences fire her up. Being a marketer herself, Alex has experienced firsthand the challenges faced by content marketers. As the co-founder of Cobomba, she’s on a mission to revolutionize the world of content marketing and empower marketers to shine - because let's be real, they're amazing.

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