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The AI+Human step-by-step way to build the marketing content founding teams need to go from early validation to reliable growth so they are ready to scale

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Foundations for Growth program for early-stage companies

Foundations for Growth is a software+coaching program where you build powerful pieces of marketing content that present your offer, close deals, generate leads, drive traffic, and build a community around your business. 

As a qualifying startup, you receive a graduated discount for up to three years of the program. First-year investment is $2,455

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How it works:

  • Cobomba analyzes your website and your market to identify the next priority content for your site
  • You attend monthly coaching sessions with your small cohort of other early-stage founders 
  • Cobomba shares first drafts of all recommended content so you’re never staring at a blank page
  • You schedule 1:1 office hours for detailed feedback so you can publish your new content as quickly as possible

"This is something we've been wanting to do for a long time, so it is good to be getting started"
Danny, CEO at Glyphx

Cobomba Marketing Planning Platform driven by AI

Stop hiding from your future customers

Most early-stage companies know what they put on their website is critical to growing their business beyond their networks, but they don’t know how to get started.

Now you do:

  • Join the Foundations for Growth Program
  • Receive detailed recommendations for new content
  • Edit and publish new website content
  • See your conversions increase
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I’m not sure about building the website content my customers need

What website content is most important for my business?
You should build the most impactful content first. For early-stage businesses, this means the content that will help you convert more of the people that already know you. Then, you will work your way out to the content that will generate more leads, increase traffic, and ultimately build a community around your business.
Do I have to create all the content myself?
No! We’ll help you create the content, but be ready to roll up your sleeves. The founding team’s voice brings an early-stage company to life so you should expect to spend at least a little time on marketing content each week. Cobomba will provide detailed outlines and starting drafts to maximize your efforts. We can also connect you with partners who can help with writing and design when needed.
How does creating website content fit with all my other priorities?
Sales, product, service, and now marketing all demanding your attention? We get it. It’s a lot. Building marketing content is maybe the best investment you can make each week in your business. Your marketing content speaks for you when you aren’t around or are busy doing other things. 2-3 hours per week dedicated to your marketing content is enough to get started.
Will my efforts be wasted if I'm not a digital marketing expert?
No way! That’s what the Foundations for Growth program is here for. Think of it as the bumpers at the bowling alley. You are going to knock down pins–probably most of them. As a bonus you will learn the Digital and the Marketing parts of Digital Marketing as you go.
Won’t it take a long time to see results?
Yes and no. You will see immediate results when you share your new content with current prospects during outreach, conversations, and email follow-up. These prospects will stay engaged and convert at higher rates than your current pipeline. You will also so a notable increase in traffic and leads from new sources after 4-8 months of consistently creating new content as the relevance of your content improves and the authority of your website increases.

"Our early digital marketing team was newer to the industry and one tool that was really helpful for us was Cobomba. It is an AI-powered content marketing engine that was able to guide our digital marketer with content recommendations that improved content relevance, discoverability, and value"
Jacob, CEO and Co-founder at FitSW

Build the foundation for reliable growth

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Join the Foundations for Growth program

AI+Human coaching and draft content designed specifically for early-stage companies
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Commit 2 hr each week to editing draft content

No staring at a blank page. You start with a detailed outline and a first draft.
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Publish new website content

The power of your website compounds each month with 1-3 new pieces of content
See your business grow

Your website works with you to drive traffic, generate leads, and close deals